Introduction: Unction definition: treatment with an oil or ointment.

New​​s and Views.
Hello, my name is Duncan. In late 2014 I underwent extreme radiotherapy on my neck for a cancer. From this adverse experience I created my Unction to treat my burnt skin. It worked and have since discovered that the Unction does many wonderful things for the skin.
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​ Here's the latest news and reviews:​​

Good day at the Serenity event near Bognor, not Worthing! Doh, chemo brain strikes again.
Off to Portsmouth on 2nd March, at The Marriott Hotel for a beauty event, another first for me.

Also must report that an old friend took his daughter to their doctor in Bridport and were advised to use the Unction for the child's eczema. A medical endorsement!

I was recently sent photos of someone who had the same cancer and treatment as I did. They are of him at the end of his treatment then 10 days later after using the Unction:


Also had some great new reviews:
"Amazing stuff everything was upsetting my skin until my friend gave me a jar of Unction. Miraculous. So soothing to my very upset sore skin. Everything else just stung and irritated" Thanks Dawn.

"We both of us can't believe the reflief we get from the terribly itchy, red, disfiguring and extremely unconfortable reactions to all sorts of unknown things. Thank you from both of us, as Dawn commented it is miraculous"  Karen.

​​Duncan's Unction is brilliant for any skin condition, including eczema"

"Duncan's Unctions is superb. Excellent for dry skins and eczema."

"Been using Duncan’s Unction for about 2 weeks, and I have already noticed a massive improvement in scars, relief of sunburn and skin pigmentation. Very easy to apply and feels very nourishing. Also smells amazing! Would 100% recommend to anyone  :)​"

"I've had eczema on my ears for months and nothing from the doctor or the chemist has worked. But I've been using Duncan's Unction twice a day for over a week now and the eczema has cleared completely. It's so good I've bought a large jar to make sure the eczema doesn't return. So simple but so good. Caroline."

The Unction spreads!
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